Past Award Winners

Asia - Justine Lynn Limocon, PhDE, Lamac Multipurpose Cooperative, Cebu City, Philippines

Among her many endeavours at the Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPC), Justine was active in setting up Lamac's Youth Programme (CYP) Performing Arts & Production House, originally performing at Lamac’s special events, they now perform at community/church related activities, national and international events, earning fees to repay their mother co-op, Lamac MPC, for their input and support. 
She currently heads up the Business Development Center Department. One of its objectives is to improve “Small Enterprise” (SE) businesses, e.g. focusing on agri-enterprises, providing training to coop member farmers on sustainable production, enterprise and profit. The Co-op now has a cluster of vegetable, cacao, coconut, dairy, cassava and livestock farmers and the Lamac MPC provides support on marketing and taking production direct to the consumers’ table.

Australasia - Paul Dawson, ACDE, First Choice Credit Union Ltd, Orange, NSW, Australia

As General Manager of First Choice Credit Union, Paul was a Founding Executive Member of Small Australian Mutuals, providing industry representation, negotiation and advocacy services to small credit unions. As part of this, he sits on the RediATM* Advisory Council, a collective of banks and credit unions offering similar benefits and ATM access to the biggest banks.  

As a DE, Paul is a volunteer mentor on the Asian Development Educator (ACDE) courses run by the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) in Bangkok, Thailand and has also been a regular presenter, speaker and moderator at ACCU Forums since 2011. He encouraged his Credit Union to be a supporter member of ACCU and its credit union development work in Myanmar, Laos PDR and Bhutan; it is now a part of the Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF) that is carrying on this support for ACCU and also funds young Australian credit unionists to attend ACDE.

The Caribbean - Carla Decker, CUDE, DEUK, CaribDE, CanadaDE (from Washington, DC, USA) - Academic Director & Lead Facilitator, CaribDE

Carla Decker is the President/CEO of District Government Employees (DC) Federal Credit Union (DGEFCU) since 2001.  Committed to addressing the financial needs of the local immigrant and under-served community, Carla is a founding member of ACCESO and the Network of Latino Credit Unions & Professionals (NLCUP).  Graduating CUDE in 1997, DEUK in 2007, she's mentored and facilitated at least 5 US-CUDE classes, and was elected to the Advisory Council of the National Credit Union Foundation’s (NCUF) Development Education program.

Carla has designed, developed and co-delivered the co-operative leadership curricula for the Caribbean Credit Union Development Education program (CaribDE) since May 2010 - that is 25 of CaribDE’s 26 classes to date including the inaugural CanadaDE in 2017. It's the emphasis placed on ‘completing postgraduate projects’ that differentiates CaribDE from other DE programmes and is partly attributable to her approach to teaching leadership development. By repeatedly exhorting successive cohorts of graduates to “conjure up your own creative ideas in which we could make a difference”, she's been the main inspiration behind the growing number diligently pursuing DE Projects.

Europe - Christina Stoneman, ACDE, Dragonsavers Credit Union Ltd, Treorchy, Wales

Christina has worked in the credit union movement since 2001, developing an excellent rapport with members, staff, board and a network of external contacts, she has an ability to communicate on any level and is also a bi-lingual Welsh speaker, essential when dealing with members whose first language is Welsh. Dragonsavers is the only Credit Union in Wales to have ATM’s on their offices in two towns where all the banks have closed.  In addition, she has established ties with the University of South Wales so students on the Forensic Accounting Degree course can apply to join the Dragonsavers' Supervisory Committee, attend for work experience and can add these skills to their CV’s.  

Unafraid to grasp new opportunities wholeheartedly, in 2016, she graduated the DE Asia program in Bangkok, Thailand, having been awarded a Pell Scholarship.  This experience inspired her DE project - to encourage a healthy lifestyle for her owner-members; consulting with the Leisure Services Department of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, she negotiated preferential rates of £10 p.m, (discounted from £40) for owner-members and their families to use leisure facilities,