From the continents of Africa, Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean, Europe (including GB & Ireland) and North America

Active Graduate Development Educators are the pathfinders of the credit union movement and social economy worldwide, through their often quiet actions, unheralded and unrecognised by others, they serve their communities  to spread the Co-operative Commonwealth.  They see a societal need and try to fix it.  Often they are too modest to nominate themselves, so this is done by others and organisations.

The Awards provide accolades from their peers and create publicity of their efforts in their own communities and the wider world; to inspire others to follow their example and promote awareness of the way Development Educators worldwide work in so many different ways to serve communities in their homelands and overseas in a spirit of co-operation.

There are now two Development Educators from the USA and two CanadaDEs who have qualified for "Pell Scholarships", obtaining a DE qualfication outside their homeland.  As a result, the ICULD&E Foundation Trustees decided to expand the "Biden" Awards to include North America, so any DEs living in North America can enter this Award.  To ensure impartiality, the Judges for entries from North America will be from outside that area; the Judges for the other regions will remain the same.

Previous Award Winners can nominate other Development Educators from their own areas and in fact if they themselves are involved in a new project, can enter again. Nominations by individuals of either themselves or others are more than welcome, as well as from supporting organisations. 

Click along the above menu bar to find the full criteria for entering the Biden Awards, biographies of the esteemed Judges, details of a Helpline and the Judging Process.  The Entry Form is currently being updated but once back online, all will be notified by email.  Don't hesitate to contact the Awards Office with any queries in the meantime.

At the 2017 Awards Ceremony in London on 25th November, Marlene Shiels, OBE, I-CUDE presented the "Joe Biden DE of the Year" trophies to .........nbsp; (click here for  a full list of all Award winners that night)

Asia - Justine Limocon, PhDE   

nbsp;  Australia - Paul Dawson, ACDE           

  The Caribbean - Carla Decker CUDE,DEUK,CaribDE, CanadaDE   Europe - Christina Stoneman, ACDE